Past & Current Sponsors
(sponsors will appear in alphabetical order for a minimum of one month on this page*)

Ambrosia Candies - Etsy Seller of Hand Crafted Candies

Aubrey Heath Design - Etsy Seller of Vinyl Wall Decals 

Bandtonella - Etsy Seller of crochet hats, bands, hair accessories, etc. 
BrileysBows - Etsy Seller specializing in handcrafted bow holders.

BuffMother! - Fitness Role Model

Cleava - A Snap-To-Bra Cami!  

Doll Clothes by Trudy  - Etsy Seller - Specializing in handmade Doll Clothes

Juicibags - Etsy Seller - Cell Phone, Iphone, Droid, Blackberry, etc. Custom Hand-sewn Cases

Entryways - Handmade all-natural coconut husk doormats

La Jolie Fille Boutique - Etsy Seller of Handcrafted Jewelry

LiceGuard - Non-Toxic way to Detect, Prevent, and Remove Lice

MikeTrobee Pens - Professional High-Quality Handcrafted Pens

MyBOOKmark - Unique and Whimsical Handmade Bookmarks for your Readers

Neskatoo ToothFairy Pillows


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