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Would you like a Review and/or Giveaway for your awesome product(s)? Is your product family-friendly? If so, please email me at 

I'm open to review anything and everything, my interests are many! 
Anything from Candy to Video Games!

Now Accepting Sponsors that want " YouTube Video Reviews"! 
(please contact me for details)

       (a) REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY (Best option / Highly Encouraged)
       (b) REVIEW ONLY
1. I review family-friendly products only.
2. There is no monetary charge for a Review, the only associated cost is the product(s) itself which I get to keep as form of compensation.
3. The reviewed products will not be returned or used for a Giveaway.
4. Reviews can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks before posting.
5. You can offer a Discount Code (i.e. 10% off total purchase) to my readers.
6. In the case of a "negative review", you will be contacted before posting and may opt out.
7.  You will be sent the link to the review once it has been posted.
8.  Photos and/or YouTube videos are used to facilitate the Review. Sponsors are free to use the web-sized images (copyright is released to sponsor only, however sponsor may offer to others if they wish).

1. Minimum value of $25.00 (free shipping). If providing a Gift Card or Store Credit, it must fully cover the cost of an item.  Discounts aren't used as a Prize. We also ask that you provide Free Shipping.
                Giveaway Options:
                               (a) Gift Certificate or Card / Store Credit
                               (b) Specific Item(s)           
2. Sponsors are responsible for shipping the winning prizes to the winners directly.
3. Let me know who is eligible to win (US only, US/Canada, Worldwide)
4. Giveaways last for a period of 2 weeks.
5. If your company is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., please provide me with those links and I will incorporate them into the Review/Giveaway. Bonus Entries are often offered to participants if they "Like" your Facebook Page, "Follow" you on Twitter, subscribe by email to your newsletter, etc.
6. The main entry for the Giveaway generally requires the entrant to visit your website and tell us which product they like the best, etc.
7.  The "Giveaway" is created by using Rafflecopter and the winner is picked randomly.
8.  Please ship the winning prize within 2 to 4 weeks of end of Giveaway.
9.  Giveaways are posted on "No Frill Reviews and Giveaways" Facebook page the day they are active and reposted the day it is expiring.
10. Giveaway will be "pinned" in a "No Frill Reviews" folder on pinterest.
11. Giveaway will be "tweeted"several times.
12. Giveaway will be shared/posted on several social websites, forums, blogs, etc.

1.  Each giveaway will have a mandatory entry, you must complete this to be entered into the giveaway. Bonus Entries are available but only after you have completed the main entry.
2. Verify if you can participate in the Giveaway by carefully reading the disclosure.
3. Winner will have 48 hours to reply to the "winning email" with Full Name and Address to claim their prize, otherwise, the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be randomly picked.
4.  Giveaways are currently created with the use of Rafflecopter and winner(s) are picked randomly.
5.  Winning Prize (s) are shipped directly to you from Sponsor.  Please allow several weeks before shipment of prize.  If you should not receive your item within 6 weeks, please contact me.  Please keep in mind that  I am NOT responsible for unfilled prizes by Sponsors.
6. Winners will be posted on the "Winner" page.  Only your first name and last name initial will appear.  We do NOT sell your email and information to anyone.  Your information is only provided to the Sponsors for prize shipment.   Prizes cannot be shipped to PO Box addresses.

1. Reach Multiple Audiences and Direct Traffic.  I can help bring more traffic to your multi-media websites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.)
2. It's an extremely affordable form of advertising! It's word-of-mouth advertising but with the power of the internet!
3. Get Honest and Constructive Feedback/Review
4.  Photography skills, I will take some great photos of your products.
5. Lastly, you are keeping a stay-at-home mom busy and sane! :P

Got questions?  Email me! 

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