Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh how I love the Dollar Store! Cheap Decorating Idea!

As a stay-at-home mommy and I'm always looking for affordable ways on decorating our new home but without it looking "cheap".

I found these adorable picture frame and wall quote at the Dollar Store for only a $1.00 each! Each frame is 5"x7" and has a nice glass to protect your photo.  The photo prints were done at Walmart for $1.50 each, I utilized the One-Hour service.  For less then $10.00 (including prints), I'm very pleased!

 - Use "Command" Picture Hanging Strips, it will secure on your wall much better and you won't create holes on your wall.
 - Purchase Picture Frames that have a thick border/frame so that you can stick your picture strips on the back, if it is too thin, you will not be able to use your command strips on the back.
- You can cut your command strips into two to stretch your savings! The pictures frames are not very heavy at all, so you can get away with it. :)

The picture is a little crooked as I was trying to avoid the sun's glare :).

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