Saturday, January 26, 2013

Floor Steamer - Money Saving Tip!

My mother raised me with a super clean house and she enjoys cleaning so much that she has actually turned it into a little business for herself, cleaning full time for many satisfied customers.  I may not enjoy cleaning as much as my mother, but I do also clean part-time for a handful of clients of my own.

My mother only had me and I wasn't a very messy child and didn't have hundreds of toys! Cleaning her house was probably a bit easier of a job for her then me.  I have three children, a husband that don't clean and a dog, so I have to be a bit smarter/effective about my cleaning!  I'm always eager to learn how to clean more efficiently, faster, and better!

With this being said, I'm going to share my cleaning tips with my followers on a regular basis.  Many of you are stay-at-home moms and quite honestly, this doesn't mean that we have all the time in the world to clean our house, that's simply NOT true! We have other much more important things to do then to clean.... and quite honestly, if you can afford a maid to clean your home, DO IT! I highly recommend it.  I clean my clients homes much better then I clean my own because I only have one thing to do and that is "CLEAN"!  At my own house, I get interrupted just about every 5 minutes, you know how frustrating that can be when you are cleaning! :)

Talk about's is a tip for you!

Do you own a floor steamer?  If so, then you know how expensive the mop heads can be! You might use more then 1 pad at a time to clean your floor depending on how dirty it is.  Problem with mop pads are many such as they can be expensive, you are limited to how much you can clean at a time, not always reversible, some are not very effective at cleaning, mops pads can only be used to clean your floor, etc.

I have found a solution to this, and my solution is good for just about every floor steamer in the market!

USE MICROFIBER TOWELS to clean your floor! You can buy a 24-pk at Sam's Club for very cheap! Also, those towels are multi-functional and you can clean your house, floor, car, etc with them!

I clean my floor every three days! Yes, I seriously do! My kids/husband do not always take their shoes off immediately at the entrance and drag loads of debris and dirt on my floor very quickly! Add a dog to that and voila, you cannot go for more then a few days without cleaning the hard floor (high traffic areas).  I don't do it alone, my daughters help with the cleaning as I have assigned daily chores to each one of them by following the 102030GO program that I have reviewed recently on my blog.

Three days between cleans and see how dirty my floor was in the entrance/kitchen area!

You can buy Proforce Microfiber Towels on or Sam's Club
for less then a dollar per towel!  Remember, you can use these to clean your whole house! 

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