Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY Craft - Eco Friendly Dry Erase Note Pad

I love crafting, always have!  I'm not an artists by any means, I can't draw, paint, etc but still enjoy it, no matter how horrible or good I am at it.

This evening, I was going through some of my supplies and I have tons of 4x4 ceramic tiles that I purchased at Lowes for less then 19 cents per tile.  I used them primarily to create photo coasters, however I wanted to do something else with them.

I sat there looking at them and I took a glance at my dry erase wall calendar frame and then the idea came to mind.... I can make DRY ERASE ECO-FRIENDLY NOTE PADS!

I cut a little 3.5x3.5 felt pad from a sheet and glued it on the back to protect surfaces.  That's it! :P

For less then 30 cents, you have a Dry Erase Note Pad!!

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