Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Picture Keeper - Review and Giveaway!

I reached out to Picture Keeper since I have at least a couple thousands photos on my computer. I have a backup external hard drive but I have it stored and only pull it out every now and then.  I needed something a bit more user friendly, smaller,  and quick to use.

I was sent the PK-4 (see photo on the right), which can hold up to 4,000 photos (roughly, depends on the size of your images).  I love how easy it was to use! It comes with instructions and they were a breeze to follow.   This little device is truly simple to use, there's no software to download and it is not complicated, even my mom could use this and she's the least computer literate person I know ( I still love you mom! lol).  It is PC and MAC compatible.

For my MAC, all I had to do is plug it into one of my USB ports and an icon appeared on my desktop.  I clicked on the icon and clicked on the "PictureKeeper" logo.  All I had to do from this point on is click on the "START BACKUP" button .  It backed up all of my photos organized as they appear on my mac (it will be organized with folders as it is on your pc or mac)!  Each time I add new photos on my MAC, I plug my Picture Keeper and backup my photos (it will only backup your new photos and won't duplicate your photos from previous backups).

I'll be honest, after I learned how it worked, I didn't want all of my photos backed up so I went on their website to find their FAQs page and found out how I could choose only one specific folder to backup.  So I did a reset on my Picture Keeper and started over again selecting just one folder (I organized all of my pictures on my computer, it needed it badly!).

I was able to backup a total of 440 photos and I still have 70% capacity left on my PK. In my case, I would benefit from a much larger capacity PictureKeeper such as the PK Pro since my picture files are huge!  Better yet, I would prefer to get their PK software and just use my own USB Flash Drives, it would probably be more cost effective.

One thing that I have decided for any of my photography clients is that I will ofter them the option of getting all of their images on a Picture Keeper instead of a CD.  This way, they would already have their photo session backed up on their very own PK and they can use it to backup more precious photos from their very own computer! As a photographer, this gives me the peace of mind that their photos are kept safe.

PROS: Super Easy to Use!  This is NOT a typical USB Stick.  The huge benefit is the built-in software that automatically searches for and saves all of your photos fast and with ease! You don't have to manually do it, it does it for you!  You can bring your Picture Keeper to your local printing store, just as you would with any other usb memory stick.  Their new software allows for "drive spanning", what that means is that once your first PK drive is full, you can start  a new backup PK drive without double storing your images, it'll keep track of what you have already backed up and just continue on.  DO NOT DELETE your original images from your computer, the Picture Keeper serves as backup and should be used as such! Your Picture Keeper shouldn't be your only source of storage for photos, always store them at two places, this way, the likelihood of losing your precious photos are drastically reduced.  You can store a good amount of photos on the Picture Keeper!  It is so small and compact, that in case of an emergency, it is super fast, easy and light to transport and doesn't take much room!  You could lose everything in your house but pictures cannot be replaced!

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VIDEO about how easy it is to use Picture Keeper! 

CONS: My only con (and technically, it's not really a con for the average user!) is based on the fact that I do take a lot of photos and large ones at that (15.1 MP camera).  It would get rather pricey for me to buy their Picture Keeper USB Flash Drives as I would fill them up fairly quickly.  In my case, as I mentioned above, my best option would be to get their Picture Keeper Software and buy my own USB Flash Drives (which are a bit more affordable).

VERDICT:  Definitely a very useful gadget! It is a product that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. I really do enjoy my Picture Keeper, it will not only keep my photos but

BUY IT HERE:  Picture Keepers Products starting as low as $29.99  (don't forget the coupon code for 15% off, keeper15)

US only, 18+
One Winner :  One (1) Picture Keeper PK-4, valued at $29.99
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  1. I learned that it keeps tons of pictures, it's easy to use and it keeps your pictures organized.

  2. I learned that it can hold up to 4,000 photos

  3. I learned that it comes in more than one size to fit the needs of a person that has 4,000 photos or 250,000. Amazing! Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  4. I like the large amount of storage and that it automatically adds new photos

  5. I would like the PK 16 or the PK Pro. So nice that you can get different sizes for different needs.

  6. I like the PK 8 Holds up to 8,000 pics

  7. I learned that they have a 1 year warranty

  8. Jen Boehme
    I learned you an plug the usb into a tv or any other device and the pictures will show up on the device.

  9. I like the PK pro which 250,000 photos

  10. I like PK 16

  11. PK PRO. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. They are sold at Hobby Lobby and Walgreens

  13. I like the PK 8 Holds up to 8,000 pics

  14. I like the PK Pro because it holds the most pictures.

    Melanie Mervin

  15. PK Pro
    Holds up to 250,000* photos based on a 1MB photo size
    rochelle johnson

  16. I like the Picture Keeper Pro

    Desiree Dunbar

  17. I like the big PK 16

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  18. I like that it does not copy the same items over and over again, only the new ones.

  19. You can consolidate pics from different computers.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  20. I liked the PK 4

    Lieutcrunch27 (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. picture keeper pro does network. it's a waste of money and very expensive. tried to use it and could not get it find picture libraries. when called customer service, the owner was rude and hand up