Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vote for Me - I'm a Finalist to Win a Baby Crib for my son!

I'm so excited!! I'm one of the ten finalist on Belly Itch Blog  to win a baby crib for my son Zachary! It is a crib made by "Young By America"  and it is made in the USA!  It is worth $1000 !

I would be very grateful if you would cast your vote for me! I will be very thankful for each and every one of your votes!

Just click by the name "Carole"  and cast your vote .

My personal story:  I would love to win this crib due to an incident that happened! I'm one of those parents that believed on co-sleeping.  I did it with my two previous babies. I also had a false sense of security having him next to me. Last week in the middle of the night I heard a loud noise and blood curdling crying! I woke up scared to death realizing that my 6-month old baby boy rolled off the bed! This embarrassing story will hopefully inspire moms to NOT do what I did, please put your baby in a crib, it is safer. Young America is Made in the USA, and that really appeals to me, not just for the quality but also because it helps support our country! -Carole 

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