Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book-Inz - The Magnetic Bookmark! Review and Giveaway

Giveaway Provided Below! 

About "Book-Inz":
The magnetic bookmark that stays on your book & in your book till you are done reading.   The ribbon holds your place while the bookmark is magnetically attached to the book's cover.    It will not damage your books (or your friend's books, or the library's books).  U.S. Patent Pending.  

This bookmark is a solution to common problems:
No more lost bookmarks.
No more bookmarks falling out of your books.
No more dogeared pages!

Take a quick look on how easy and fast it is to use a "Book-Inz". These will hold on
thick covers and will not damage your book. 

The Review: 

Book-Inz are handmade in the USA, they offer a variety of different styles/fabrics and you can even get them decorated with a bottlecap embellishment, you can opt for a longer ribbon or additional ribbons.
The magnets are strong enough to hold on a thick cover (see video above) .

They have over 70 different bookmarks on Etsy, so there's something for everyone!

The price for the classic Book-Inz is $10.00 and the embellished ones are $12.00 each.  Extra ribbons can be added (up to maximum of 3) for only $0.50 more.  You can also request a custom-order! 

My daughters both receive their very own Book-Inz for review.  They were so very happy as they have been asking me to get a "special" bookmark for them since I had already received a very unique one of my own a few weeks ago. 

The Book-Inz are super easy to use and you no longer have to "dog ear" your pages so that you can keep your spot in your book!  Your Book-Inz will stay in your book till you are done reading! The nice part about this Book-Inz is the fact that you can't hurt it, it's not made of cardboard, it's fabric, so it's flexible! They are hand washable! When not in use, since they are magnetic, you can simply put it on your refrigerator door! 

If you need to hold several spots in your book, which happens very often while reading a bible   (as you can find yourself cross-referencing to several spots/verses at the same time), just get one customized with up to 3 ribbons! How cool is that!

These would make adorable gifts for any reader in your life (not intended for children under 6 years of age)! Great stocking stuffers or accompanied with the gift of a book. 

Classic Book-Inz  , starting at $10.00 each.

If you have a family member that is serving for his country (army, marine, etc.) or do you happen to support Breast Cancer Awareness , etc.

And since it's the Football season (and many of you will not see their spouses much for this time of the year), you can even get a Football Theme Bookmark (many different teams available, not just the Steelers as shown below).

You can even personalize the bottle cap embellishment with One Letter or with your favorite photo (1 person/portrait style is probably best).  See how cute these are! 

My youngest daughter loves pink and my oldest loves purple.  See below pictures 
of their Book-Inz handmade with love bookmarks!



Ends on October 26th at 11:59 pm EST
One Winner:  One (1) Classic Book-Inz
One (1) Bling Book-Inz


  1. I'm a little confused whether this giveaway is open worldwide? It does say so in the post, but in the form it says US/Canada ...

    1. It is open worlwide. Thank you for pointing that out, I will fix :)

    2. Ohhh thanks! Those bookmarks are great especially for a bookaholic like me!!

  2. I'd pick the Keep Calm and Read On Magnetic Bookmark!

  3. classic-

  4. I would love the Pawz Magnetic Bookmark.. I love the heart paws and the blue ribbon.

  5. love the zebra print bookmark

  6. I like the Keep Calm and eat a Cupcake.

  7. I would get the Leopard Magnetic Bookmark

  8. Keep Calm and Read On is my fav.

  9. Oh man, I love these so much! If I won, I would choose the Starburst Magnetic bookmark for a Classic one...and the Keep Calm and Read on for the Embellished.

    brooke811 at ymail dot com

  10. i love this :
    thanks for the chance :)

  11. <3 the Hello Kitty bookmark and the peace symbol one - these are adorable!!!

  12. The Twilight Magnetic Bookmark is my fave

  13. I would probably choose the Tardis (Dr. Who) Magnetic Bookmark.

  14. Hope breast cancer or the pinkdot

  15. I would love the Hot Pink Cheetah Bookmark and the Hello Kitty Bookmark! Very cute and practical, thanks for the information and giveaway!

  16. Pawz Magnetic Bookmark (Rainbow)

  17. I'd have to have the Donkey Kong Magnetic Bookmark :)

  18. I would get the Hope Breast Cancer in honor of my mom who fought breast cancer so courageously.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  19. I like the Keep Calm and Read On

    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski