Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Overwhelmed by School Paperwork Yet?

Is your kitchen area getting cluttered with unwanted school paperwork, having a hard time keeping up with important dates?  Here's an awesome product that will solve your clutter and help you keep track of events... drum roll please.... the  "Homework Caddy"

Hang It! File It! Organize It!
- Magnetic Dry Erase, Message Board and Calendar
- 1 Dry Erase Marker
- 1 Large Center Display Window Suitable for lunch menu or schedule display
- 2 clean plastic supply pockets, perfect for pencils, erasers, rules , glue sticks, etc
- 4 Legal Sized File Pockets with insertable labels for homework, papers, library books, forms, etc.
- The Homework Caddy is made of durable material and includes 2 come off clean wall hooks (no nails needed)
- 2 Bottom Velcro Straps for poster board storage
- Designed to fit a standard door frame. Measures 28" w x 36" h.   Place it on a wall or behind a door.
- Choose one from four different styles.

I received the Homework Caddy a couple of weeks ago for review but I wanted to use it for a couple of weeks to get a sense of all of it's benefits.  I'm happy to report that it is a winner!  :-)    For only $25.99 , you will save yourself tons of headaches, just that benefit alone is worth the money!  Seriously though, this product ROCKS!

I have two daughters in school, my youngest is in 1st grade and my oldest in 3rd.  The amount of paperwork that we get from their school is ridiculous! Last year, my refrigerator door, my counters and microwave top were cluttered with paperwork and often times, it would get buried and what was important enough to keep more often then not also got forgotten!  The motto out of sight out of mind definitely applied! My daughters would get so frustrated at me for forgetting things.  

So this year, I anticipated this clutter problem and did a search on the internet for a solution...and this is how I came across "The Homework Caddy".  

Bless the founder, a mother of three children for creating this awesome product! She really gave it a lot of thought, I don't think there's anything that I could recommend adding or doing different on her homework caddy so far.  It was a tad bigger then what I had envision but it definitely fixes all of my problems, it keep things ORGANIZES!   My husband's comment was "It still looks like clutter to me" and my response was "But it's ORGANIZED clutter and it's OFF of my counters!". 

I actually hung our homework caddy on our kitchen door leading to the garage.  My daughters hang their backpacks in the garage , so everything is close together and easy access.  My personal opinion is to hang it in a centralize area where it is easy access for you and your children.  For me, I wouldn't benefit from it if it was placed in their bedrooms, I would forget all about it and never use it.  

Look at our Homework Caddy on our garage door (images below)! 

How we use ours so far:
  • Teacher provided us with a magnetic bobby pin clip that has important contact information, it's stays neatly on the magnetic white writing board area.
  • Important Dates written on the calendar.
  • Additional important notes written on the left side .
  • School bus information cards fit nicely in the supply pockets!
  • Pencils and Glue Stick.
  • The left side pockets are used for my youngest daughter.
  • The right side pockets are used for my oldest daughter (each folder stores my daughters library books that they read 15 minutes each night, and their weekly homework folder).
  • The center clear pockets holds their lunch menu.

Also, one tip:  Follow the instructions for the hooks and DO wait a FULL hour before hanging your "Homework Caddy" on the hooks.  I was impatient and my hooks got unglued so I had to go buy some new ones...completely my fault! 

Overall , this is an awesome product and I highly recommend it !  



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  1. I wish I had that when I was a child! Looks extremely convenient.