Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken Salad - Just a Review

Lately, I have been on a hunt to find healthy but yet satisfying meals to eat. When I say "satisfying", what I mean by that is: there's tons of flavor and I'm not left wanting more.

Wendy's came out with a Berry Almond Chicken Salad last year and I had been wanting to try it for quite some time.  I was a bit reluctant because quite frankly, fast food restaurants aren't known to offer great salads. Many of times, I was given an awful looking wilted old salad with very little to offer.

What got me to try this salad was a $2.00 discount off I had received for filling out an online "customer satisfaction" survey.  One night last week, I was too tired to prepare dinner and ask my husband to pick us some food at Wendy's.

The verdict......... I have found an edible fast food salad that is quite good and surprisingly satisfying.  The full size salad filled me up! Quite frankly, I've already went back to Wendy's for it!

With your salad you get one pack of roasted almonds and an one or two packets of the all-natural no preservative fat free raspberry vinaigrette.  

What you see below is a Full Size salad.  As you can see, you get a whole chicken breast that is warmed and cubed for you.  The strawberries/blueberries are very fresh but I wish they gave me more in my salad, it is after all a healthy salad that is suppose to be full of antioxidant-rich nutrients. The salad consisted of mostly iceberg lettuce, which is the cheapest of salads to get.  Also, Wendy's should consider offering "Organic" salad since salad is know for being full of nasty pesticides.

The salad was priced at $6.49, it's not a bad price but the value could be a bit better when you consider the amount of fruit and iceberg lettuce you get.  However, I'm willing to disregard these two things as the salad is in fact quite tasty.  The Asiago Cheese and Almonds compliment this salad quite nicely, you don't want to skip on those two ingredients when you try this salad. If you don't like sweet salad dressing, consider substituting the Raspberry Vinaigrette for something else.

Have you had Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken Salad?  If so, did you like it? What is your favorite fast-food salad?

Description of salad found on Wendy's Website :

"Treat yourself to a delightfully crisp salad made from eleven types of freshly chopped field greens topped with plump blueberries, sweet California strawberries, almonds roasted with sea salt, shaved Asiago cheese, and a warm grilled chicken breast for a powerful punch of dietary fiber, calcium and antioxidant-rich nutrients. Add Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing, made with a├žai berry juice, for a delicious finish. "

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  1. Looks tasty! I've never tried Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken Salad, but I will next time I need a Frosty fix ;)

    Kat E.