Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Importance of Customer Service - Kay Jewelers

Last Christmas, my daughters and husband decided to surprise me with a beautiful jewelry set at Kay Jewelers by Jane Seymour from the "Open Heart" collection.  At that time, I was several months pregnant with our son.  

They had purchased a bracelet, a pair of earrings, and a necklace. I cried when I opened the packages.  We had made an agreement that since we were saving to purchase a new home that we weren't buying each other anything for Christmas, we had only budgeted gifts for our two girls.  My husband broke the promise by blaming it on the girls saying that "they" were the ones who had purchased the set, not him.

Two months later, my bracelet broke... one month after that  my necklace chain broke... and five months later, I lost an earring.  Three pieces of jewelry and I had nothing to show! I was broken hearted! Losing my earring was the last straw and that's when I decided to contact "Kay Jewelers" yesterday via Facebook to explain what had happened to my bracelet and necklace.  The lost earring wasn't their fault but it is what pushed me to finally address the issue with the quality of the jewelry.  The bracelet was beautiful but the quality left a lot to be desired.  The chain was actually my second one from the Jane Seymour collection.  My first chain, the clasp was defective and wouldn't close all the way, which kept coming off.

Within 3 hours of posting my complaint, I received a phone call from Customer Service.  They were very apologetic and admitted that the bracelet had received many complaints and that they were indeed investigating this particular item.  Even though they knew that I had not purchased a warranty for this bracelet, they offered me a store credit for the paid amount of my bracelet.

The customer service representative was even nice enough to give me the nearest Kay Jewelers location which was only 8 minutes from my house! They just recently opened a new location last Friday, and it is an OUTLET store! They have TONS and TONS of previously owned pieces and sure enough, they had several "Open Heart" pieces for sale!

I actually was able to purchase two "previously loved" Jane Seymour Open Heart pieces, and they look new! See for yourself......

 Needless to say, I'm a very satisfied customer and look forward to shopping at the Kay Jewelers Outlet location in Cincinnati!   Thank you to Kay Jewelers for your rock star Customer Service!!

p.s.  I found my earring in my parking lot driving back from Kay Jewelers!  Coincidence?  :P

**** I received NO compensation what-so-ever for this post ****


  1. Wow that necklace is beyond gorgeous

  2. LOVE the necklace! Yes, customer service is key and does mean a lot!
    Kat E.

  3. It's so good to hear about a company providing such good service. That's what truly keeps customers coming back!

  4. Thank you for sharing this story. Customer Service is KEY to a company. I think it says a lot about Kay that they read your story and took the time to help you. Kay is a big company and they could just ignore the situation. They chose not too and I like that about them. A lot of the times you hear the bad stories about a company but not the positive ones (or the times that they try and fix it).

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