Thursday, August 23, 2012

Got my Shutterfly 8x8 Photo Book, Definitely Worth It!

I just recently joined the "My Coke Rewards" program where you enter codes from participating coke products such as Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Minute Maid, etc.

They have a promotion going on till the end of August where if you enter 5 different codes, you get a FREE 8x8 Shutterfly Book.  All you have to pay is shipping, which was a little over $8.00 for me.

This is my first photo book ever and I'm glad it was through Shutterfly, the quality is quite impressive.   The photos in the book are sharp, the colors are bright and vibrant, and the white balance wasn't changed, if it was, it's hard to tell.  Nothing annoys me more when you take great effort in calibrating your screen and insuring that your white balance is exactly as you want it to be, and you send your prints to a lab and you get them back looking horrible.

Here's a video that I have created showing my book!  I admit I'm not very creative so, there's nothing real special about it.  I would have liked to spend a bit more time creating it but I've only got but so many hours in a day to work with... Oh , and the nice part of making this book, they have TEMPLATES!  You can even let  Shutterfly automatically lay out the photos in your book for you!  There's no excuses as to why you can make a book! You don't need to be super creative or have a lot of time in your hands, just let Shutterfly do it's magic for you .

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