Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to School, Are you prepared for this parasite?

Earlier this week,  I received a package from my very first Sponsor “LiceGuard”.   Let me start off by saying that although my blog is about “Reviews and Giveaways”, due to the nature of these products, it is not possible for me to give a full  “hands on review” as we are not currently infested with lice. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in a way, I’m glad I can’t do so, no disrespect to my awesome sponsor, but who wants to deal with lice? :P

RobiComb was Featured on NBC Today! Watch the 

Video by clicking HERE!  (mentioned at min 3:50)

You see, I’m the type of consumer that wants to be proactive instead of reactive (think fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc.). You know those products are important to have in your home but you hope that you never have to use them!
Now that the “Back To School” season as started, we are all busy bees buying school supplies, new clothes, and ensuring that are kids are all prepared and geared up for the new school year.....but are you prepared for a LICE INFESTATION? 
Most of us forget about this pesky little creature until we get something like a letter from school stating that they have found several cases of it! Last year, we personally received several of those letters, and luckily my girls weren’t infested. With two daughters in elementary schools, the odds are stacking against me, and how many times can this mom dodge the bullet? According to one of my very close friends (she did call to tell me about it since our girls had played together around that time), they are not fun to deal with.   I don’t know about you but I want to be prepared in case it should happen to us!
I have decided to take a proactive stance and keep my fingers crossed that I do not ever have to deal with them.  If it should happen, I’ll be coming back to this post to give an official true review...but I really hope I don’t have to! 
With having their products in my home, it’s reassuring. I won’t be so worried about my kids staying overnight at a friend’s house or what not, I have a preventive kit!  
What I really like about LiceGuard products is that they offer a Chemical Free Alternative to getting rid of lice infestations!
Personally, when school starts in just a few weeks, I will be using their “Head Lice Repellent Spray” on a daily basis!  One bottle offers a 60-day supply, with my two girls, it’ll last approximately one and a half month’s. 

Click here to learn about the Head Lice. 

You can watch videos about how to get rid of lice using their products.  

A short description of each product I have received in my package (click on the title for more information).  They do offer several bundle kits on their website, I especially like the Travel / Camp Kit. 

Detects and destroys lice on contact simply by combing it through dry hair. When the electronic Robi Comb touches lice, they get zapped, die and are combed out of the hair. Must be used on dry hair.  

The battery compartment cover was a bit hard for me to open at first, but that is because it is well secured. The on/off switch was easy to slide. There's a protective cover for the electronic prongs. There's also a yellow cleaning brush.  When the Robi Comb is turned on, it makes a continuous buzzing sound letting you know it's functioning. When I touched the prongs, I did feel a non-painful little zap, but the tips of the prongs are covered so to protect the scalp.

Available for purchase at Walgreens,  RiteAid, CVS/pharmacy

Featured on NBC Today!! Watch the Video by clicking HERE!

The RobiComb easily goes through hair, my daughters were eager to try it.  It was easier then I had anticipated. They could do their own preventive care by themselves if needed (i.e. after an overnight stay at a friends).

Now you can Remove Lice, Eggs & Nits using a Non-Toxic and Pesticide free Shampoo!

The bottle contains 4 oz of shampoo.  It has a liquid dish soap kind of smell, not unpleasant at all.  It is non-toxic and pesticide free! When used with LiceGuard Combs, it triples the number of nits/eggs removed through combing!

Prevent Lice using a Non-Toxic and Pesticide Free Repellent Spray! Just one application will provide all day protection against head lice. The LiceGuard patented formula is made with natural ingredients that repel lice.  It is Non Toxic and contains No Pesticides. LiceGuard Lice Repellent is quick and easy to use and may be sprayed directly into the hair every day. Protects against the transfer of Lice from other children, hats, coats, helmets, etc. as well.

This product I will be using on a daily basis during the school! It has a mild "rose pedal"  like smell. The bottle contains approximately 1 oz of repellent spray. The bottle comes sealed. It can be used on wet or dry hair. It is Made in the USA! It has a pretty long shelf life too (my package says 3/17). 

LiceGuard Egg & Lice Combing Kit 
Egg & Lice Combing Kit is made of only quality materials and is suitable for home or professional use. In fact unlike other flimsy plastic combs.

The combing kit contains one large removal comb, one egg & nit comb, and a tiny but powerful magnifying glass/hair pick. My daughters inspected not only their hair but everything else that their little hearts desired (even their teeth!). 

A Big THANK YOU to LiceGuard for sponsoring these awesome products for review and giveaway! I'm very thankful to have a preventative kit in my home!  As you can see, it doesn't take much space in my medicine cabinet in my daughter's bathroom!

GIVEAWAY (value: $25.00):
One (1) Winner:  
                 One (1) Robi Comb

Must be a US/Canada resident.   Over 18. Please only one entrant per household. 

Start:  7-30-2012 at 12:01 am EST
Ending: 8/14/2012 at 12:01am EST


  1. an estimated 6 million to 12 million infestations occur each year among children 3 to 11 years of age. ugh!!

  2. I learned that there is growing concern about the health effects of putting toxins and chemicals on a child’s head and the negative effects these poisons may have on a developing child's health.

  3. Head lice are found worldwide. In the U.S.A., infestation with head lice is most common among preschool children attending child care, elementary school children, and the household members of infested children.

  4. I learned that "an estimated 6 million to 12 million infestations occur each year among children 3 to 11 years of age"


  5. I learned that "infestation with head lice is most common among preschool children attending child care, elementary school.."
    I know : This works!! We use it with my sister many years ago. She couldn't tolerate the chemicals in other products and this was great.
    My son is starting PK-3 and I hope I win it !!

  6. Their products are non toxic and safe for my kids

  7. A nymph is a young louse that hatches from the egg. A nymph looks like an adult head louse, only smaller. They must feed on blood to live. Nymphs mature into adults about 9-12 days after hatching.

  8. lice is most common in preschool age children who attend daycare/school of some kind

  9. I learned Head lice is most common among preschool children attending child care, elementary school.